5 Tips to Make Your Family Beach Session the Best!

Mar 10, 2023

Bethany Jean Photography

Beach sessions on the coast of Orange County are my FAVORITE! But there are a few things you  should know before you ask your photographer to do a beach shoot: 

  1. It can get windy! Wear a dress to add movement and embrace the windy hair look! Unlike the temperature forecast, wind is much trickier and usually impossible to predict. It can make the session feel a little wild and if you are someone who likes to have their hair “just so,” it can feel frustrating. But from a photographer’s perspective it only adds to the beauty of the  session! It creates movement in dresses and hair and adds a romanticism that may  otherwise be hard to recreate. 

2. Plan on being barefoot! This may seem like a given, but some people don’t really think about this when booking their beach session. Wearing shoes at the beach can not only be uncomfortable but can also look..awkward. So if you have a hubby or child who doesn’t like being barefoot make sure to give them a heads up! And bonus – now you don’t have to buy new shoes for everyone! 

3. Be open to getting sandy! Again, may seem obvious, but you’re going to  get dirty! During family sessions I ask the family to play tag, run around, or sit together on the ground, always resulting in sandy  hands and feet. Pick outfits that you don’t mind getting sand on and bring a towel or two to help with cleanup after your session. No one likes a sandy car! 

4. Bring blankets and/sweaters because it may get cold! The ocean breeze can blow in at any time and getting cold during your session just leads to feeling uncomfortable, which can show in your photos. To avoid this, you’ll want to bring sweaters or even a cozy blanket! That way when that breeze rolls in we can keep shooting because we’re snuggled up & comfy! 

5. Be ready to PLAY! There’s something about the beach that immediately brings out the playfulness in children and as soon as their feet hit the sand they’re going to want to build castles or run for the waves. And you know what – we’re going to let them! Trying to hold them back will only create frustration, so I’ll have your family play follow the leader, splash around with their toes, build sand castles, and have tickle fights on a blanket. By embracing the playfulness we’ll capture in-between moments of your family’s JOY and authentic connections!



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