Why Photographers Love a Neutral Palette

Apr 11, 2022

Ever felt pushed by your photographer to go with a neutral palette for your outfits? As much as I love color, there’s a reason that a neutral palette is a photographer’s fave. Here’s why you may want to consider going neutral:

1. Neutrals are easy to coordinate

Yup, pretty straighforward! There are only so many neutral color options so using a neutral palette to coordinate a family of 5 is a breeze! You can pick white, off-white, beige or tan, a soft gray, or even throw in a soft blue (although you’re edging into pastel palette territory with blues)! If you want to make coordinating outfits a cinch, stick with neutrals. 

2. Neutrals reflect light

Light, bright colors will reflect the sun and the most important part of every session is the LIGHT! The more light, the better our lens is able to focus. And your neutral outfit is also acting as a reflector for the light to bounce off of and onto other family members’ faces – so cool right!? This means you won’t get wonky shadows on everyones faces or under eyes.

3. Neutrals are flattering

Neutrals flatter most skin tones! If you have fairer skin, you may want to steer away from neutrals that have more yellow undertones (like beige) and stick to clean whites or soft grays. If you have more olive or darker skin tones, lucky you – you can pull off all the neutrals!

4. Neutrals go with every season

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall – neutrals work! You can make a neutral palette look more seasonal by throwing in one or 2 outfits in seasonal tones. For example, doing a burnt orange or sage green patterned outfit for Fall. Or bringing in soft lavender or blush for Spring. Keep your palette mostly neutral but just tie in a few additional colors if you want a pop!

5. Neutrals print beautifully!

What do I mean by this? Well if you’re someone who loves to print your family or engagement photos (Which, you definitely should! Show them off!) then wearing neutrals will prove to be super helpful. Sometimes bright colors can come out looking a little off when printed, and dark colors may come out looking like shadowy blobs. Neutrals however, print beautifully and will look great when hung on your walls! Or printed for holiday cards!

Next time you’re unsure about what to wear for your session, try a neutral palette!

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